Steambans shutting down

Auf Facebook wurde heute folgende Nachricht von bekannt gegeben:
„Thank you all for the years we have helped making the HL1/HL2 based games cheat free. As of today we have closed the Steambans service and will forward it to one of our other projects:“

Auch die Webseite wurde geschlossen:
„Unfortunately, after many months of consideration, the descision has been made to shut down SteamBans.

Due to the lack of active development, less active communities and new services available on the internet by both Valve and others, Steambans has become less relevant in recent years and it has been decided to terminate the service rather than leave it to gather more dust.

We want to thank you all for the years we have been able to help you make the HL1- and HL2-based games cheat free, along with our partners and all the participating communities. (…)“

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